Histoire régionale du bassin aquitain sud-ouest guyenne gascogne périgord

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* Guyenne and Gascogne duchies, Toulouse county * Heretic Cathars * English and French * 


SUMMARY : crumbling of South-west in duchies and counties. The marriage of Alienor puts Aquitaine on English side for 3 centuries. The success of the "bastides" testifies to regional vitality in XIII century. Under pretext of crusade against the cathares, the knights of north of France seize Toulouse area. The battle of Castillon reinforce the northerner and French presence on all south of France. 

Monpazier bastide

DOES A "BASTIDE" IN THE SOUTHWEST MEANS A LARGE COUNTRY HOUSE ???????????????????????????? NO, if a "bastide" is a large country house in the South EST of France, in the South WEST it acts of a "new city", a "allotment" with usually right corner streets. They all were built between 1220 and 1370, therefore on a limited period of about one century.